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Vêtements sur un portant

Identity and Merchandising

Definition of the brand platform, its purpose, its positioning and its semantic and semiotic lexicons.

Targeting, forecasting, competitive intelligence, market trends, SWOT.
Creation of collection plans: collections briefing, source of inspiration.


Benchmarks and Marketing 

Defining and conducting research on your brand: Market analysis. 
Research inspiring trends and benchmarks.
Operational and strategic marketing.


Business Strategy

Repositioning and optimizing the brand's presence throughout the omnichannel distribution. 
Targeted prospecting in France and abroad:  700 distributors worldwide, including 60% independent retailers, 30% department stores and 10% e-tailers. 
Negotiation and support for commercial agreements to help achieve rapid, sustainable growth.


Sales tools and Communication

Sales team training: customer journey analysis, average order, sales pitches.
Creation of brochures, newsletters and visual merchandising guidelines. 


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